Fire Dept. Meals Vs. All Others

It’s 2021, and there are a lot of options for an Orlando meal delivery service, but many are impersonal and corporate, which impedes the quality of the food and service. A dedicated and more focused operation can make a difference, and Fire Dept. Meals are more dedicated and focused than the rest. So, when you compare to all other services you see where Fire Dept. Meals shines.

Here is what makes Fire Dept. Meals a cut above the rest in Orlando, Florida.

Local Heroes

Fire Dept. Meals is owned and operated by firefighters. As firefighters, there is an extreme pride in being a part of the community, and we carry this pride into our cooking. Orlando is our home, and we make sure that just as we serve to protect the lives of those around us, we make sure that we can feed healthy and full meals to the Orlando community. Feel good that when you are ordering a meal from Fire Dept. Meals that you are supporting your community!

Local Fresh Ingredients

Dedication to our community also means a focus on local ingredients. The bigger, corporate-backed meal delivery services focus more on saving a buck and use low quality ingredients. Fire Dept. Meals instead rely on locally sourced produce and high quality 100% grass-fed and pastured raised meats. Along with our fresh and organically sourced spices our meals are of higher quality than any of the other meal delivery services.

Expertly Cooked Meals

Since, as firefighters, we must be vigilant and available at all times while we are working, so going out to eat is out of the question. Home cooked meals are the only way to keep our bellies full and remain energized. Cooking for our physically demanding jobs has led us to become experts at making healthy and hardy meals. We take what we’ve learned in our time cooking for ourselves and carry it onto the meals we make for delivery.

Affordable and Timesaving

Fire Dept. Meals are affordable and help save money for the average Orlando family. Each meal is packed to the brim and is a serving size of two, making it easy to feed a whole family. We deliver our meals every Monday in packaging that is perfect for refrigeration and storage. With the right meal delivery plan you can save time and money!


At Fire Dept. Meals, we’re ready and happy to serve you the freshest, healthiest, delicious food around. Choosing us as your meal delivery service. because we are unlike any meal prep delivery service. When it comes to ingredients, preparation methods, servings sizes, and our commitment to our customers, we are at the top of our game!

At Fire Dept. Meals we have:

  • No Cross Contamination with Vegan and Non-Vegan meals
  • Additive & Preservative-Free
  • Fresh Locally-Sourced Produce
  • Fresh Organically Sourced Spices
  • Small Batch Homestyle Cooking
  • Allergen Restriction Compatible


As firefighters, we’re always ready to get up and go! If you’re ready to order your meals, check out our weekly menu of delicious foods and we’ll deliver it from the Firehouse to your house. For questions, you can always contact us here. Happy eating!

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