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Family Meal Delivery: Why You Should Choose Us!

Preparing a family meal can be an arduous task. It requires large grocery hauls, prep work, and large chunks of your day cooking the meal. For those who are too busy or want more variety in their dinners, you should look into family meal delivery service like Fire Dept. Meals.

Our family meal delivery service is a healthy and far more diverse solution to your dinner problems. Here are our reasons why.

Our Family Meal Delivery Service

Fire Dept. Meals is owned and operated by firefighters dedicated to delivering your family a good meal. We prepare wholesome, already cooked meals that can be enjoyed by your whole family.

Order $65 or more in already prepared meals, and every Monday, you will have it delivered to your door.

Perfect Serving Size

Each of our meals come in a serving size of 2. The average family dinner is covered with just 2 meals. We portion our meals to be filling and healthy.

Order a full week of meals to be delivered every Monday, and you won’t have to think about cooking dinner anymore.

A Menu for Everybody

We are proud of our diverse menu that contains an assortment of healthy options. Our menu features Mediterranean, American, and vegan dishes, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

If you prefer to get Tuscan chicken, your spouse would like sweet kale shrimp, and the kids want sloppy joes, then Fire Dept. Meals can take care of you. Just place them in your cart, and you can have a week’s worth of dinners available to you.

This isn’t fast food; this is real food. Each of our meals is prepared with high-quality ingredients, and since we are part of the community, we make sure that these ingredients are locally sourced. You are getting home-cooked meals delivered to your door. When you get your family meal delivery from us, you know you are eating clean and healthy.

A Cut Above the Rest

Before you pick up your phone to use your go to delivery app to deliver greasy fast-food meals, consider Fire Dept. meals. We don’t send you mediocre ingredients to go ahead and prepare yourself as other services do. These meals are prepared with excellent ingredients by our talented firefighter chefs and delivered in easy-to-reheat containers. We provide convenience while maintaining a dedication to health and quality.


At Fire Dept. Meals, we’re ready and happy to serve your family the freshest and most delicious food around. Choose us as your family meal delivery service, because we are unlike any meal prep delivery service. When it comes to ingredients, preparation methods, servings sizes, and our commitment to our customers, we are at the top of our game!

At Fire Dept. Meals we have:

  • No Cross Contamination with Vegan and Non-Vegan meals
  • Additive & Preservative-Free
  • Fresh Locally-Sourced Produce
  • Fresh Organically Sourced Spices
  • Small Batch Homestyle Cooking
  • Allergen Restriction Compatible


As firefighters, we’re always ready to get up and go! If you’re ready to order your meals, check out our weekly menu of delicious foods and we’ll deliver it from the Firehouse to your house. For questions, you can always contact us here. Happy eating!

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