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Organic olive oil

Organic olive oil

EVO3 started on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Eleven million olive trees cover 40% of the island. Small scale farming contributes to the high-quality taste of our organic olive oils. EVO3 organic olive oil is certified organic by an accredited agency. Olive oil is the only oil that is extracted from an actual fruit. We make our olive oils with a mix of the Kolovi, Adramatiani, and Lathoelia olives. The World Health Organization says olive oil is the healthiest source of fat people can use. The EVO3 company motto is 'Taste Love, Give Life.'

Organic olive oil is not that different from traditional olive oil. Organic olive oil has the same acidity, chemical makeup, and sensory test requirements. Olive oil can be heated up to 405 degrees Fahrenheit and is 4 to 5 times more heat resistant than butter and seed oils. Using olive oil to fry your food will not take away any nutrients and is easy to digest. Olive oil also increases in volume while cooking, so less is needed.

The organic olive oils at EVO3 are dark and tinted glass bottles and tins. You will find a date stamp, the name of the producer's estate, and the organic seal from the European Union and the country of origin. As a general rule, you should not buy olive oil that is more than a year and a half old. So please, always read the date stamp. It is best to store our organic olive oils in a cool and dark cabinet and nowhere near a stove. This helps increase the shelf life of the olive oil, and the high-quality nature of the olive oil will last longer.

EVO3 organic olive oils are an ideal choice when following the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is primarily plant-based and uses olive oil to replace butter. Reduced inflammation, risk of stroke, and risk of heart disease are just a few of the many health benefits of olive oil.

EVO3 Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

The harvest period is between mid to late November to early January. Harvesting means that the olive color is changing from ripe green to mature black. The result is the delicate taste in the olive oil. Our olive oils are sustainably farmed, and only organic fertilizers kill olive fruit flies. Use this organic olive oil to roast fish and vegetables, drizzle on salads or prepare traditional Mediterranean appetizers (known as mezes).

Early Harvest Intense, Special Reserve

This green organic olive oil is intense, robust, fruity, and sharp in taste. Use this organic olive oil in your chicken and pork dishes or a salad. Please note that our organic olive oils are only for cooking and garnishing your food.

For more information about our olive oils, please send us a message on the contact page. EVO3 Olive Oils has an American distributor in The Woodlands, Texas, where products are available online. The following New York retailers also carry our organic olive oil; Titan Foods, Mediterranean Foods NY, Westside Market, Greek Food Emporium Whitestone, Mediterranean Tastes Flushing, and A&S Deli.

Organic olive oil

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Organic olive oil