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6 Meal Plan – Hunger Showing Box (July 30th)

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Our Hunger Showing Box, is Designed to extinguish that out of control hunger fire.

Our Hunger Showing Box was designed for that moderate appetite. Englewood! Engine 38, 38? 38 and Truck 11 on scene, Hunger Showing. Will need a Hunger Box, all companies working! Ready to answer the call when you need us, this box will extinguish even a fully involved hunger fire.  There is nothing better to extinguish your internal hunger fire than a meal with clean, unprocessed ingredients.

What the box or bag includes:

  • 6 perfectly portioned meals (your choice)
  • Weekly prepared, scratch-made, never frozen meals
  • New Menu Every Week
  • No bland, tasteless food
  • Organic Ingredients
  • No Seed Oils
  • 100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef & Pasture Raised Meats free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics
  • Wild caught never farmed seafoods
  • A Whole lot less stress
  • Our 100% Commitment to you
  • Free Delivery

We only use the highest-quality ingredients.

Our firefighters use only the highest-quality ingredients to deliver the freshest, healthiest, cleanest, and most nutritious meals. Our food is:

  • 100% Grass-Fed & Pasture Raised Meats
  • Wild Caught, Never Farmed Seafood
  • Hormone & Antibiotic-Free
  • Additive & Preservative-Free
  • Fresh Locally-Sourced Produce
  • Fresh Organically Sourced Spices
  • Small Batch Homestyle Cooking
  • Allergen Restriction Compatible

What are the basics of Hunger Suppression and Dinner table tactics: A Message from the Chief

“Hunger showing” is a term commonly used in firefighting and emergency services to indicate the presence of hunger at a fire scene. When firefighters or emergency responders report “hunger showing,” they are alerting others that visible hunger is present. This information helps to convey the seriousness of the situation and is a crucial element in assessing the extent of a hunger fire.

The phrase is often used in communications and box ordering to quickly communicate the basic status of a hunger incident. It helps hunger commanders and responders understand the initial conditions they may be facing and make informed decisions about meals and tactics for hungerfighting and stomach rescue operations.

Hunger suppression and dinner table tactics can play a significant role in managing weight and promoting healthy eating habits. Here are some basics to consider:

Hunger Suppression:

  1. Eat Protein-Rich Foods:
    • Include lean proteins in your meals, such as chicken, fish, tofu, beans, and lentils. Protein helps you feel full and satisfied for a longer time.
  2. Fiber-Rich Foods:
    • Foods high in fiber, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, add bulk to your meals, promoting a feeling of fullness.
  3. Stay Hydrated:
    • Drinking water before meals can help reduce hunger. Sometimes, our bodies confuse thirst with hunger.
  4. Healthy Fats:
    • Incorporate healthy fats from sources like avocados, nuts, and olive oil. These fats can help control appetite.
  5. Regular Meals and Snacks:
    • Eating regular, balanced meals throughout the day can prevent extreme hunger, which may lead to overeating later.
  6. Mindful Eating:
    • Pay attention to your body’s hunger and fullness cues. Eat slowly and savor each bite.
  7. Adequate Sleep:
    • Lack of sleep can disrupt hunger hormones. Ensure you get enough quality sleep to support overall health.

Dinner Table Tactics:

  1. Smaller Plates:
    • Use smaller plates to help control portion sizes. This can trick your mind into feeling satisfied with smaller amounts of food.
  2. Fill Half Your Plate with Vegetables:
    • Vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients. They also add volume to your meal, promoting a feeling of fullness.
  3. Chew Thoroughly:
    • Chewing your food thoroughly can help you eat more slowly, allowing your body to recognize when it’s full.
  4. Limit Distractions:
    • Turn off the TV and put away electronic devices during meals. Focus on the act of eating and enjoy the flavors and textures of your food.
  5. Listen to Your Body:
    • Pay attention to hunger and fullness signals. Stop eating when you’re satisfied, not when you’re overly full.
  6. Prevent Emotional Eating:
    • Identify and address emotional triggers that may lead to overeating. Find alternative ways to cope with stress or emotional challenges.
  7. Plan Balanced Meals:
    • Plan your meals to include a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This balance can help you feel satisfied and nourished.
  8. Hydrate Before and During Meals:
    • Drinking water before and during meals can help you feel fuller and may prevent overeating.

Remember that individual needs and preferences vary, so it’s essential to find what works best for you. Developing a sustainable and balanced approach to eating can lead to long-term success in managing hunger and maintaining a healthy weight.

So, what do you get in this box:

  1. 6 Perfectly portioned meals (your choice)
  2. Weekly Prepared Scratch Made Meals, Never Frozen
  3. New Menu Every Week
  4. No bland, tasteless food
  5. Organic Ingredients
  6. No Seed Oils
  7. 100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef & Pasture Raised Meats free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics
  8. Wild Caught Sea Foods
  9. A Whole lot less stress
  10. Our 100% Commitment to you
  11. Free Delivery

You can always call us if you need help deciding what you should do or need to talk.

Meal Box Subscribers, please note:

  1. Your initial order is charged, and your first renewal order is billed the Thursday of the week following.
  2. We automatically bill for your meal box subscription on Thursdays at 8:00 am.
  3. Every week, you should plan to update your meal selections by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. We will remind you, but if you miss the deadline, our chief will pick a variety of meals that match your box, considering your dietary restrictions.

Subscription Renewal and Delivery Schedule

Join DateFirst Order Delivery/PickupFirst Auto-BillSecond Order Delivery/Pickup
TodayTuesday, July 30thThursday, August 1st at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 6th
Tuesday, July 23rdTuesday, July 30thThursday, August 1st at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 6th
Wednesday, July 24thTuesday, July 30thThursday, August 1st at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 6th
Thursday, July 25thTuesday, August 6thThursday, August 8th at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 13th
Friday, July 26thTuesday, August 6thThursday, August 8th at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 13th
Saturday, July 27thTuesday, August 6thThursday, August 8th at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 13th
Sunday, July 28thTuesday, August 6thThursday, August 8th at 8:00am ESTTuesday, August 13th

We understand if you need to cancel or you might want to switch boxes. You can cancel anytime by calling us at 407-347-9441, emailing us at, or by using our contact form to request a subscription cancellation. If you want to pause your subscription, you can do that anytime by going to the “Subscriptions” tab under “My Account”.

For Oven: (Recommended)

  • Pre-Heat Oven to 350 degrees for 15 minutes
  • Remove Film and transfer meal into an oven safe dish
  • Remove any sauce cups if included
  • Add a Little Water** and cover with foil
  • Place in the oven for 10 – 15 minutes or until the desired temperature is reached
  • Serve

For Stove Top: (Recommended)

  • Remove the Film and Transfer to a Pot
  • Remove any sauce cups if included
  • Add a Little Water**
  • Heat on low to medium, until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Serve

For Microwave:

  • Remove Container Lid
  • Remove any sauce cups if included
  • Add a Little Water** and Cover with Paper Towel
  • Place the container in the microwave
  • Heat 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or until the desired temperature is reached
  • Serve

** If a meal is saucy or like a soup/stew, there is no need to add additional liquid

These are recommendations, and heating may vary based on your personal preferences.

First, all meals are packaged refrigerated not frozen. However, if you are outside our hand delivery area, your meals were packaged with dry ice. 

So during the shipping period, the dry ice will freeze the meals to ensure they come to you fresh and with no chance of being warm. We have tried all different refrigerants, which do not last with weather/heat and any chance of delays with UPS. The last thing we want are meals showing up warm or spoiled due to weather/time. If you have received meals from other companies with gel packs, we can pretty much guarantee they were frozen when they went in the box.

We are required by the Department of Health and the FDA, to keep the meals at 40 degrees or below to meet all food safety guidelines.

We can assure you that your meals are made fresh just a day or sometimes a few hours before going out the door. Just take the meals, place them in the fridge and they will be perfectly fresh to enjoy.

Central Florida delivery times do vary depending on the number of local orders placed during the week. You can expect to receive an email on Monday morning with your delivery times (please make sure you check your junk/spam folder). Now, we will clarify, that we do our best to reach your delivery location at the designated time, however, traffic and weather can cause delays.

We also wish to make you aware, that if you live within the $6.00 HAND DELIVERY AREA, you must be home at time of delivery OR provide a cooler OR provide an alternate delivery location. Our meals are fresh and never frozen, delivered in temperature controlled vans so they are cold but cannot be place on your door step for a long period. You can provide your own cooler with refrigerant, but we cannot be responsible if they damage the packaging.

For our Family receiving their meals via UPS (those outside the $6.00 delivery area), we are limited to shipping times regulated by UPS. Everything we ship will have no longer than 3 days maximum and your are not required to be home. Our boxes are packed with refrigerant (dry ice) and are well insulated. *Note: your meals may arrive frozen due to the dry ice, remove from box and place in the fridge they will defrost and be good as new.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Yes, with our meal delivery plan, you have free range to pick which meals sound best. We update our menu weekly, so while we do choose which meals we’re preparing that week, you get to decide which meals and sides you’d like delivered. Our recipes contain ingredients and flavors from various cultures and traditions, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. They’re delivered fresh and never frozen.

First, we are truly sorry that this has happened. As much as we stress our concerns with UPS management there is not much we can do.

We personally take your package (with extreme care) to the UPS facility, were it is handed over and into their care. Beyond that we have no control of what happens next and therefore can not be financially responsible for any damage.

Please make your claim with UPS and if you do happen to need any information from us, to assist in recovering your loss,  we are more than willing to provide the information (if available).

First, we apologize that your meals did not arrive when they should have. This is a tough answer and one you’re mostly likely not going to be happy with. Accountability in any business is important and we really don’t believe in pointing fingers, however once we have delivered your package/shipment to the shipper, they are now in control and believe us we wish we could be.

When we were hand delivering all of our meals, we were in control. If your meals arrived damaged, warm or with any issue we would refund part or all of your order without question. As we grow, we rely on others to do their part, as if it were us and unfortunately that is not always the case. As a small business relying on much larger businesses, with the resources get things done, we have to trust it will get done correctly.

Now since you’ve asked this question, it means they didn’t and the shipping company has failed. As much as we would like to refund money for the mistakes of others, we are a small business with a lot less capital than those that have made the issue. We advise anyone who has had this experience to take pictures of inside the box, record the date you received it and file a claim immediately with UPS.

Yes, because everything we cook/serve is prepared fresh and never sees a preservative. Your meals stay fresh for 7–10 days in the refrigerator. We do, however, have a disclaimer on salads. Due to the nature of greens, we shorten the shelf life to 3–4 days in the refrigerator. Our meals do freeze well and this a great option, if you can’t eat all you bought.

Absolutely. You can freeze your meals, especially if you do not intend to eat them within the 7-day “best if used by” date. That said, fresh is always the best. Please remember when heating from frozen, additional time is required from the time stated above.

Fire Dept. Meals would strongly advise against freezing meals that contain uncooked greens, like salads.

Not only can you heat your meals in the oven, but this is how we typically reheat our meals! We have changed our packaging and they area no longer oven-safe, so you will need to transfer the meals to an oven-safe dish. We would recommend 10 – 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 degrees or until the desired temp is reached. Heating instructions are on the label. These are recommendations and heating may vary based on your personal preferences.


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