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Menu Spotlight: Seafood Delivery in Orlando

Seafood is delicious, nutritious and makes an overall fantastic dinner when prepared by the right hands–Fire Dept. Meals are those hands. Seafood, especially dishes that incorporate salmon and other fish, are protein-packed and serve as the perfect dish for active firefighters. Due to this fact, we’ve become experts in cooking up delicious seafood dishes to send to your home. When it comes to prepared seafood delivery in Orlando, we are by far the best in town. Just take a look at our star dishes!

Seafood Delivery in Orlando: Dishes

Shrimp and Salmon are our expertise. Just like all of our dishes, all of the produce used is locally sourced, the spices organically sourced, and quality wild-caught fish and shrimp.

Shrimp Dishes

“…, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sauté it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp…”


You might know the above quote from Forrest Gump, and Bubba couldn’t be righter. Shrimp is the gift that keeps on giving–a staple that can be constantly transformed in a crazy array of diverse dishes. Here are the delicious shrimp dishes that we offer as seafood delivery in Orlando.

Mediterranean Shrimp Stew

The Mediterranean world has a long history with shrimp and has mastered some of the best ways to prepare it. Our Mediterranean shrimp stew is loaded with organic tomato chunks, juicy bell peppers, and delectable pine nuts. Fresh pita bread is provided so you can lap up every last drop!

Huli Huli Shrimp

Our other shrimp dish exemplifies how much versatility we get out of these delicious crustaceans. Our Huli Huli shrimp are skewered along with pineapples and coated with an ou-of-this-world, honey garlic butter glaze. Served with a side of perfectly roasted carrots, and you got yourself a staple for your meal delivery plan for months to come.

Salmon Dishes

Salmon is a rich and protein packed fish that is a beloved staple of seafood dishes. Baked, pan-fried, or grilled, there is no correct way to prepare salmon because they all lead to a delicious meal at the very end. Here are the salmon dishes on our menu that seal the deal on why we are the best seafood delivery service in Orlando.

Garlic Dijon Salmon

Our garlic Dijon salmon dish serves as its main course, tender, wild-caught, Alaskan sockeye salmon that is absolutely smothered in creamy garlic and Dijon sauce. Served with a side of roasted asparagus, this dish is a protein packed, gluten-free must have!

Salmon ala Mexicana

This salmon dish sports a Mexican flavor with fajita flavoring, lime chard peppers, and gluten-free Mexican cauliflower rice. The salmon is the same high quality, wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon used for our garlic Dijon salmon dish, and it makes for a truly astounding dinner.


At Fire Dept. Meals, we’re ready and happy to serve you the freshest, healthiest, delicious food around. Choosing us as your meal delivery service. because we are unlike any meal prep delivery service. When it comes to ingredients, preparation methods, servings sizes, and our commitment to our customers, we are at the top of our game!

At Fire Dept. Meals we have:

  • Wild-Caught Seafood
  • Additive & Preservative-Free
  • Fresh Locally Sourced Produce
  • Fresh Organically Sourced Spices
  • Small Batch Homestyle Cooking
  • Allergen Restriction Compatible


As firefighters, we’re always ready to get up and go! If you’re ready to order your meals, check out our weekly menu of delicious foods and we’ll deliver it from the Firehouse to your house. For questions, you can always contact us here. Happy eating!

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