Cadet Plate - $19.99

This one is for our future firefighters. Dreams of becoming a firefighter started at a very young age for our Chief, so spark your child’s imagination and get them focused and excited at meal time!

Made of durable, 100% Food-Safe and BPA-Free plastic materials. This product is Dishwasher safe, we just recommend that you wash by hand.


Chief Chili's Hot Sauce - $7.99

This is from our brother’s at Chief Chili’s Hot Sauce.

False Alarm is a mild, cocoa-infused sauce. Perfect for everyone, even the greenest probie on the crew!

Fully Involved: Chief Chili’s original recipe! This sauce is not for Rookies, only salty dogs need apply!

Firehouse Cookie Dough - $8.00

Edible Cookie Dough, by Firefighters? That’s right, our Brothers from Firehouse Cookie Dough Co. have created a delectable and irresistible range of everyone’s favorite flavor of cookie. Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, Oreo Dream just to name few. Treat yourself while supporting these Firefighter owned companies

Flame Decon Skin Care - $7.99

We are not a skin care kind of people, but let us tell you why we will stand behind this one:

  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Owned and operated by a Veteran and Firefighter family
  • AND it’s made in the USA!

FLAME DECON products were created for firefighters to get them truly clean and remove that smoky stench leaving them with that amazing mint scent. All of sudden their families and friends started using the product, now it’s that magical product that everyone is bragging about!

The Nest - $24.99

The “Nest” is the combination of letters intertwined, that resembles a birds nest. The nest is engineered so that is strong and will support the family that lives within it. The men and women of the fire service are family and the nest is a symbol of their strength.

Muertos Coffee - $11.99

Who doesn’t dream about waking up to a firefighter in their cup? We have partnered with this Firefighter owned and operated coffee roaster, to bring you the best dang coffee around. Whole Bean, Ground or K-cups your covered. We offer Medium and Dark Roast for your sipping pleasure.

The Axe - $24.99

The “Axe” is one of the oldest tools developed by humans; since the Neolithic age, it has been a symbol of battle and work. As with every symbol comes a tradition. In the fire service these traditions date back as far as 1736, the fire axe has been the hand tool for firefighters for over 200 years.

The Pie Hole - $24.99

The “Pie Hole” is the orifice just below your nose into which one shoves delicious food items. Saving a life doesn’t always mean running into a burning building.

FDM eGift Cards - $75.00

Show your loved ones that you care and buy them the eGift of food! You won’t go wrong with treating them to meals from us. Pasture Raised Meats, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Preservatives, and the list goes on.