The Importance of Eating Clean Food for Your Health

With the direction the world is headed, everyone is busy working, with family, and just plain living; it’s becoming increasingly common to ditch cooking at home and eat out. It’s easier, faster and way more convenient. But what the majority of people don’t understand is that eating out may increase the risk of developing illnesses and possible diseases, and this includes cancer. In this blog post, you will learn the importance of eating clean food for your health.

By The Numbers

Studies show, that the levels of chemicals in the body were 35 percent higher for those who regularly ate at restaurants, cafeterias and fast food places. They also discovered that individuals who ate processed cheeseburgers and other fast food had “phthalates” levels 30 percent higher than those who did not.

Simply put “Phthalates” are used to make a range of plastics and can be found in nail polishes and moisturizers and have been linked to breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, fertility issues and the list goes on. They can seep into foods from packaging containing these “phthalates.” This packaging is commonly used with fast food. 

So why is eating out so unhealthy?

When you eat out, you can’t track where the food you eat is coming from, whether it contains any preservatives, whether it’s processed, whether it has been frozen, and for how long. Is the meat you eat free from hormones and antibiotics? Are the vegetables free from pesticides? The list can go on and on.

My grandparents passed away in 2016 at age 94 and 98. Both were healthy and fully capable of doing everything themselves till the last day in their life.

If you stop for a minute and think about it, what did my grandparents do differently that made them live a long, healthy life?

Growing up, I remember my grandparents were gardening their fruit and vegetables every summer, canned everything for the winter, bought their meat from a farm/butcher they trusted and that they knew for over 50 years.

So to the long and short of it is; they knew where their food came from. There were no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives, no hormones and no antibiotics. Going back to the basics of clean eating is the answer for a long healthy life.

That is what Fire Dept. Meals is all about; we provide clean healthy meal prep delivery and yummy food.

We track your food sources; we cook your meals and deliver it to your door, just for you.

As a retired firefighter, it’s still my duty to rescue people.

The Importance of Eating Clean Food

It’s time to truly think about what you’re putting into your body. Here are a few reasons we get specific when preparing our fresh meals. 

You’re grocery shopping, reading labels and making conscious decisions about the easiest and cheapest meals. You’re grabbing some beef to prepare and naturally, you assume anything labeled “organic” is better for you, so you add it to your cart. However, that’s not exactly true and you’re missing out on a great source of nutrition.

Fortunately for you, when we prepare our fresh meals, we use only the highest quality products like grass-fed beef and vegan options. 

1. Grass-fed beef is Nutritionally Superior

When you think of grass-fed beef, we’re sure you assume that all cows grow up feeding on grass. While that is usually the case at the very beginning, studies show that farmers often transition cows to feed on grains to fatten them up. 

When you see the term “organic” when shopping for beef in the store, this can often mean they’re fed organic grains, which does not produce the same great quality as grass-fed does. Grass-fed beef even contains more Omega-3 than fish. And that’s one of the main reasons people eat so much fish, right?

2. Grass-fed beef Fat is Said to Be Like Medicine

ProteinWhen crafting our meals, we only utilize ingredients we believe in. This is why we’re particular about providing our customers with grass-fed beef that is natural, nutritious, has better fat quality, and has more antioxidants and vitamin K2. Doctors have even gone as far as saying that throwing away the healthy fats from grass-fed beef is like throwing away medicine. It’s that good for you! So, next time you get a fresh meal delivered and you see a fatty piece, savor it and enjoy it!

3. Fresh Is Best

It’s hard to know what is in the food you’re buying at the grocery. When ingredients are shipped to stores and expected to have a shelf life, they’re often injected with hormones or preservatives to keep them “fresh.” While a lot of foods are now labeled with health descriptions stating their cleanness, there’s nothing as promising as fresh meals delivered in Orlando.

We take great pride in our recipes that feature clean ingredients and homemade sauces. We source ingredients from local farms and bread from a local artisan bakery. 

There’s no doubt that the meals you’re consuming are clean–and delicious.

When you choose to get fresh meals delivered in Orlando, you’re obtaining the convenience of frozen meals while giving your body the nourishment it deserves. Our meals are made fresh weekly and delivered to your door, office or desired location. 

But we don’t just offer fresh ingredients to keep you healthy, we also offer vegan options, too at Fire Dept. Meals, we’re looking after everyone. 

4. We’re looking after your health with vegan options

It’s a goal of ours to appeal to the masses. And with our vegan meal delivery options, we’re doing just that.

Do you ever get tired of restaurants offering the same simple vegan recipes? Unless you’re going to an all-vegan restaurant, your menu options are going to be limited. Our culture is evolving, and our restaurants should be, too. However, with vegan meal delivery in Orlando, we’re opening new doors to vegans all over Central Florida who want to expand their palate to bold flavors and unique recipes.

5. Unique Vegan Recipes

Our recipes are all hand-crafted based on cultural influences we’ve experienced throughout our travels. Along the way, we’ve adapted techniques and flavors that truly offer a unique, high-quality taste that you really won’t find anywhere else.

The Orlando vegan meal delivery recipes are quite extensive. While our menu changes weekly, you’ll always find a recipe worth trying.

6. Delivered Right to Your Door

It’s safe to say health is important to us. Trust us, we know how challenging it can be to get creative with healthy recipes. Over the years, we’ve perfected our flavors to meet (and exceed) our customers’ expectations. With our meal prep delivery, you no longer have to worry about what meal you will make or buy and wonder if it will fill you up.

Each week, we deliver fresh meals to your door or office. Our portions are generous and jam-packed with bold flavors that provide an exciting experience beyond what you can expect from a restaurant. 

Give us a try and let us know what you think! Contact us today! Check out our weekly menu to determine which recipe you’re dying to try!

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