Prepared Meals In Orlando

3 Reasons Civil Servants Are Big Advocates For Prepared Meals In Orlando

Central Florida has become a huge market for prepared meals in Orlando. Here’s why civil servants have become our number one fans.

  1. They Provide A Great Source Of Protein

Prepared Meals In OrlandoWhen you’re a civil servant, you work long and hard hours that require you to give 100% of your energy at all times. As a previous firefighter, we understand firsthand how hard, and expensive, it can be to find food that’s nutritious and provides enough protein to keep you going. This is the reason we began crafting fresh, prepared meals in Orlando. 

Our weekly menu is always changing, but the categories stay the same. We have firehouse meals, firefighter’s fitness meals, firefighters gone vegan meals, additional companies and firefighter’s break bread. In each category, you can find meals that provide a great source of protein and keep your energy sustained throughout your shift. 

  1. They’re Made With Clean Ingredients

Our recipes are designed with firefighters, civil servants and food-lovers in mind. They’re made with clean ingredients that contain no preservatives or additives. We source our ingredients and meats from local farms to ensure we’re providing a fresh experience (and supporting small businesses alike!). 

Our number one priority was making already-prepared meals that were just as convenient as frozen meals, but much better for you. We’ve worked diligently to perfect our recipes by including cultural flavors and made from scratch sauces that are both delicious and nutritious. 

  1. They’re Delivered Directly To The Station

Civil servants are busy enough, they don’t have the time to worry about what they’re going to eat for dinner. With prepared meals in Orlando, we’re providing them with one less thing to think about. Our recipes can be ordered in bulk and delivered directly to the station. That way, the meals can be stored in the refrigerator ready to extinguish hunger! 

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to source protein and nutrition, our prepared meals in Orlando may be your lifesaver! Check out our weekly menu and contact us today with any questions or concerns.

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